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BOUYER - Our added value

Our added value : the know-how and mastership of a French manufacturer

BOUYER has the complete control of its value chain, which allows us to accompany projects of any size, from their design up to their maintenance, and to ensure their durability

A design office at your service

Parallel to the development and manufacture of a full range of electro-acoustic equipments, BOUYER also designs specific items.

Our teams have a perfect control of their profession, which allows to get optimal solutions in terms of efficiency, easy integration and simple operation.

Whether you have a rather specific project,  BOUYER is here to answer !

Our multidisciplinary R&D team is part of a permanent policy of innovation and customer satisfaction through design of tailor-made solutions.

Extreme reliability

Our added value is also part of the normative environment  as our ISO 9001 certified production site allows to propose reliable  high quality solutions.

BOUYER is committed in a quality and reliability approach which is the basis of its existence and its evolution. Our teams choose components and sub-contractors for their performance and durability.

100 % of our products are controlled after manufacture, which guarantees a failure rate inferior to  0.3%.

For products subject to EN54 standard, BOUYER is actively involved in the improvement of its solutions normative environment.

We submit our control and manufacturing management procedures to the CNPP (National Center for Prevention and Protection) and to the AFNOR (the French Association of Standardization) for our NF products.

We propose a range of EN54-approved products with 3 different solutions for voice alarm systems as well as about fifteen loudspeakers.


Companies network of fire technology experts